Monday, March 27, 2017

Style AND Comfort....this is not an oxymoron!

Finding stylish and comfortable shoes have always been a challenge, but how about adding quiet to the list?? Finding high heeled shoes that don't make that clickety-clack sound at every step?

Ssh-oes Founder, Mary Arnett has come up with the answer with her revolutionary 
Shh-oes design that adds a shock-absorber like heel tip, ample padding and special blister-free Lycra with leather lining to every one of her fashionable shoes.
Hurray!! Adorable shoes and you've gotta love a great female entrepreneur story .....

Definitely worth checking out!  
Ssh-oes mission is to provide women stylish, comfortable and quiet heels to look and feel great and be seen for your fabulous presence.
Check out the entire Ssh-oes collection at  
 and use promo code:
 "spring17" to receive 25% off your 
SSH-OES order!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Seeing is Believing!

Being on television as a TV Host for many years I have tried my fair share of teeth whitening products.  
Yes...I have the bleaching trays!

Yes.....I have the Teeth Whitening Kit from Sephora that cost an untold fortune!
Yes.....I have my pocket whitening pen to keep handy for 
touch ups in case of emergency! could say I have tried all the bells and whistles when it comes to perfecting my pearly whites and I can truly say this product is 

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this whitening toothpaste 
 and her results were amazing!  Needless to say I had to see for myself!
I am bowled over and "Seeing is Believing"!


❌No Peroxides

❌No Bleach 
­čśÇRemoves Stains
­čśÇRestores Whiteness 

­čĹĆDentist Recommended 

Also, it's the only whitening toothpaste thats safe enough for kids to use!

To purchase or to learn more~
 Click name to contact:
or email him at

TRUST ME....this product is awesome!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Personally Yours with Design-Her Gals

It's no surprise I'm a big fan of this company Design-her Gals~
My first post discovering this amazing shopping gem dates back to when I first 
began blogging in 2011.
Check out my adorable personalized Design-her Gals’ stationery for 
"Travel Time with Linda"!

 You too can design a Gal or Guy that resembles you or a special friend and place the image on stationery, business cards and even gifts like luggage tags and mugs though our Zazzle store! With business cards, stationery or using your Gal as an email signature, you are sure to stand out in your industry! 
And what says I care more than a personalized gift.  

With 1000’s of outfits and accessories to choose from, expressing your individual personality and uniqueness is just a few clicks away.  
Dress your Gal in the Spring 2017 fashions including split sleeves, stripes and ruffle tops and in one of the colors of the season such as Primrose Yellow, Niagara, and Pale Dogwood.   

With weddings, Graduations and Mother’s Day right around the corner, you too can join Oprah and discover how “ridiculously addictive” Design-her Gals really is!  

Start creating today at

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Woohoo!  Bring on Spring!
 I have Spring Fever this "Shopping Is My Cardio"!!
On our March 5th airdate, I feature the hottest finds in luggage, beauty and aesthetics right in time for Spring Break!

Featuring the Grand Spa, a personal favorite as they cater to all my 
beauty needs under one roof!
It's a one-stop shop for all things pampering and prettifying ~

With Lauren Eyer, Aesthetics Manager while filming my favorite treatment- the HydraFacial.  This highly effective skin treatment is seriously the best facial I've ever received~
Its a "hydra dermabrasion" treatment ideal for all skin types using a 4 step process delivering serums into dermis to remove fine lines, wrinkles, reduces pore size and delivers long term skin health.  Consider it 'yoga' for the skin.....


Bag n' Baggage was also on my shopping hit list for Spring Break Travel.
What I love about this company is despite it being the largest retail chain selling travel goods, it never lost sight of its customer service aspect.
I fell in love....ok- LUST, with this adorable purple RIMOWA luggage while filming at the Preston Center store location.
Ross Beevers, Store Manager shared with me his knowledge on the perfect bag for every travel occasion.

Also a favorite aesthetic treatment featured this show~
to keep the warm weather at bay and stop underarm sweat and odor!
Now NO SWEAT can become a reality~

Don't miss it next show!


"Live Love Laugh Today Show with Linda Cooper & Susie McAuley"

Sunday, March 5th at 11am on ABC 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Love is Love, is Love, is LOVE!......

On our Valentines " Love" Show airing February 5, 2017

I covered TONS of territory on this weekend's "Shopping Is My Cardio" segment!
If your looking for meaningful statement sparkle that doesn't break the bank
SWAROVSKI is the perfect choice.  So many fab gifting ideas and they all come wrapped in 
their signature beautiful blue box.
My personal favorite is the Crystaldust double wrap around bangle.  
It's a celeb favorite with an edgy, glam vibe #givebrilliant #swarovksi


I found many MANY more amazing gifting options at a brand new pharmacy concept called 
A return to the apothecary of yesteryear, not only is Cedra a full service pharmacy, their retail store selection of unique product lines is a shopping MUST.
For that hard to shop for person on your Valentines gifting list- this is a true find and
as a shopping expert, I have to admit that even I haven't heard of many of them.

And finally, on my last stop I interviewed Dr. Benjamin Tittle, of Plastic Surgery of Texas on his gravity buster solution to a problem many women face as they age. 
An aesthetic treatment to help remove the saggy skin above a woman's knees.

Another FAB gift idea for the lover of Athleisure wear- a FABLETICS VIP Membership!
I became a fan of the line while filming this weekends
"Travel Time with Linda" segment in Costa Rica.  As seen here zip lining,
the Fabletics line is really well made and has adorable prints to choose from....
and you can't beat their prices!

Thank you for watching!!!
Sunday, February 5th at 11am on ABC Network WFAA-8

"Live Love Laugh Today with Linda Cooper & Susie McAuley"

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!! It's a Celebration on this Weekend's Show!

Bring on 2017!!!
We are celebrating the New Year on "Live Love Laugh Today" 
and I'm SO excited to feature some amazing ways to improve your quality of life on this
 "Shopping Is My Cardio"!

My Mom Betty steals the show while featuring this new state-of-the-art walker by Motivo 
filmed at The Legacy at Willow Bend.  For anyone in your life using a walker this is a must see!

 Dr. John Antonetti of Clinique Dallas shares the latest in aesthetics and plastic surgery options for 2017.

And if you want to lose weight, Medi Weightloss is a wonderful resource to kick off your 2017 New Years Resolution with a bang!

Click the above links for website info on my featured guests and thank you for tuning in to watch this weekend's show!

Airing Sunday, January 8th 
11am on ABC Network WFAA-8
"Live Love Laugh Today with Linda Cooper & Susie McAuley"

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Perfect Hostess Gift

Tis the Season for Holiday Parties.... 
And as any good guest knows you never NEVER come empty-handed.
  These make the perfect hostess gift...

 Bring the world's most luscious fragrances to your home with this fantastic gift.
Inspired by Travel which is one of my favorite past times,  
Oojra comes in a wonderful array of home fragrances 
inspired by different parts of the world, beautifully packaged
in decadent scents that bring a little piece of paradise home with you~

Your Hostess will LOVE it!

Happy Holidays!!  Happy Shopping!!  Happy Holidays!!