Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Right in time for the Holidays!! This is a MUST DO before making your big entrance at the company Christmas Party~
One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FINDS (and often a treatment I partake in before stepping in front of HD cameras) is The Dermal Quench Treatment by Kate Somerville.  I am a huge fan of Kate's skin care products but this treatment is truly AMAZING!  Think of it as your daily water supply going straight to your face!  Hydration, baby!
In fact, before red-carpet events, tons of celebrities get this exact same treatment at her beautiful spa in Los Angeles. 
And the best part?...........it's a complimentary service offered at Neiman Marcus stores at the Kate Somerville counter!
Yes, you must book your appointment in advance (preferably the day of the event) for the full effect.  The same treatment at the Kate Somerville Spa in L.A. is $260! 
It's a combination of oxygen, vitamins and hyaluronic acid blown into your face via machine that plumps, hydrates and gives age defying results.  Seriously!
Oh.......and if your booking at NM Willowbend in Plano, ask for Gina :)))

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It happened again..... a man patiently waiting till I got off my cell phone to ask me the inevitable question......."Where did you get your phone case?  My girlfriend would REALLY like it"....I nod in agreement... she would!!  My phone case makes me happy....  no, you don't get it...... REALLY happy.  It truly brightens my day to see it glistening in all it's delicious swarovski glory.
Apparently it has the same effect on the many who come in contact with it too.
If I were paid a dollar for every time I get stopped about my bling case, I could eat my weight in Pinkberry.

Since it's the season for Holiday gift ideas, this one is really original~
The source is ICY COUTURE.com and let me tell you, my phone case is worth every red cent of the $285 I paid for it. Owner Nikita will customize anything-Skies the Limit!  Check out her website for all the amazing designs. Not to mention the customer service!  You can send your phone in for a face-lift as needed for free, which for me has been AWESOME! 

Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins :)))

Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm about to give up a tip that I've been sworn to secrecy to keep, so I need to preface this post with an apology to any Fashionista (or should I say "MAXXinista") out there already in the know about
THE RUNWAY Collection at select T.J. Maxx stores.
Sorry Karla, the gig is up :)))
THE RUNWAY Collection is not at all T. J.Maxx stores.......in fact, there are only in 2 locations in the Dallas area that have it.  I am not a big fan of Black Friday shopping due to an acute case of claustrophobia, so it was a pleasure to walk in today like it was any other normal shopping day.....this department within the store is REALLY the best kept secret.  Nobody wants to give it up, so they can shop it themselves without any competition.
You can find MAJOR luxury brands at ridiculously low prices- Gucci, Stella McCartney, Vince, Elizabeth and James, Helmut Lang, Catherine Malandrino just to name a few, all marked at 45-75 % off the regular retail price tag.

FAB FIND!!! Stella McCartney bag in buttery purple leather
Yes, I know......AMAZING  to know that major DESIGNER luxury lines are at T.J. Maxx- The store I shop at (and I'm not giving that one up) has deliveries coming in daily from Tuesday-Friday for THE RUNWAY Department. Every week there's something different.......
Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday.  No religious conotations behind it, we all come together and give thanks on this one special day.  I'm a huge advocate of living life in gratitude but don't think about it everyday. Wouldn't it be nice to start a "Gratitude Journal" to reflect on a daily basis of all that we are grateful for.  Remember, what you put out into the Universe is what comes back to you~
I am so thankful for my incredible husband, my wonderful son who's birthday is TODAY :), my beautiful daughter, my furry child  Lucky who will be 11 soon.  I am grateful for my amazing family and friends who have brought so much joy to my life.
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving~ 

Monday, November 21, 2011


I might possibly have the best job in television…I get PAID to shop!  My motto is Shopping is my Cardio and I absolutely do my title justice finding the best in small boutique stores around the Metroplex.
While in my natural habitat (STORES!) the segment unfolds and airs on Designing DFW with Jocelyn White on selected Sundays.  But not everything I feature makes it into the show…. the cutting room floor is littered with out takes of fabulous finds!  Therefore a blog is a MUST to get the word out.

While shooting at Hanna Isul Medspa in Ft. Worth, I sampled a spray-on foundation make-up called Era Face that is so exclusive to the Metroplex, it can only be purchased at Hanna Isul.  I am not kidding when I tell you this makes your skin FLAWLESS when sprayed on…..AND it comes in a can not an airbrush machine!  Only $55 it rivals anything I have ever tried before.  Cha-ching…..had to buy it!

Over at Pieces Clothing Boutique, which just opened in Snider Plaza three months ago, I had the BEST time trying on all the clothes and accessories for the camera! The prices at this store are not to be believed!  
Found a gorgeous navy sequin dress for only $150 that easily looks x3 more expensive!  While wearing the dress in L.A. this past weekend, met Kim Kardashian in the powder room of the Andaz Hotel, who complimented me on it, and if she only knew what it cost…..SCORE!!!

One last store that we MUST spread the love about is Chocolate Secrets and Wine Garden.
I got chocolate wasted while shooting this segment and had the best time sampling all the delish treats!  Did you say homemade marshmallows...uh, YES please!  Owner, Pam Eudaric-Amiri and Chocolatier, Kate Weiser are writing a series of three fab cookbooks on all their yummy creations due out in March.  An absolute MUST BUY for the baker in your life so be on the lookout.

Looking forward till next post and letting you in on all my “splurge worthy” finds!