Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blast from the Past Inspiration

How is this for a quote?
"Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession"

Those words I can honestly say I have lived by my entire life...
My motto?
You have one life to live so make it count, because this is not a dress rehearsal.

It's been extremely humbling over the years to hear time and time again from people 
how I've been an inspiration in leading by example to follow their own dreams-
 I've heard from so many friends, so many acquaintances, readers and viewers.
Yes I know its scary putting yourself out there but you've got to jump off the cliff.
Don't be afraid of failing because that's how you grow.
Get out of your own way.

Envision your purpose, your passion....
Dream it.
Do it.
Don't let anyone stand in your way.
Unfortunately the higher you climb, haters will rear their ugly heads and want to see you fail.

If someone sends you negativity and hate to wish you harm you,
Send them positive healing energy in return.

Do not let them dim your sunshine.
In a toxic relationship or environment? Have the strength to get out and move on and continue your passion.
This is not an act of selfishness- it's an act of survival.
In the event of a plane crash they always state to put your own oxygen mask on first 
and then your child's.

Just keep doing YOU ....and don't let the haters stand in your way.

Here's a walk down my memory lane to share how I allowed my passion
 to become my purpose and yes it did become my profession...
Over, and over and over in each chapter of my life~

Example One:
Jump Rope= Passion.
I developed a jump rope dance aerobics class called "A -Rope- X"
Joined a modeling agency for athletes and became a fitness model, performed at Nike fashion shows and fitness trade shows.
I taught private lessons to Tom Selleck during his Magnum PI days in Los Angeles and even taught fitness classes in Dallas when I first arrived back in 1990.
This video was taken much later on after kids, and I guess to prove to myself and others that I could still do it.:-))

Example Two:
Shopping= Passion.
I developed a statement t-shirt line and my bestseller t-shirt was you guessed it....
Shopping Is My Cardio!!
Profession:  T-Shirt line morphed into Shopping Expert and
"Shopping Is My Cardio" TV segments were born!
 I put to good use my college education with a BA in Broadcasting as a TV Expert.
Here is my very first episode debuting "Shopping is my Cardio" on
"Home and Lifestyle" TV Show back in August 2009.

Example Three: 
Travel: Passion
Profession: Travel Time with Linda TV segments
Having always been bitten by the travel bug and needing more lifestyle topics to feature,
 I developed "Travel Time with Linda" TV segments featuring amazing 
Travel destinations on television. 
First airing on the "Designing DFW" TV show back in June 2013 and became a big hit.
Brilliant idea! Right??!!
Here's the first episode below ~
Later on I brought both of my lifestyle branded topics to my lifestyle show 
and here we are to date.

So what's next?
It's been an incredible ride and the journey is not over yet...

I am moving on to the next chapter in my life as its time for me to close the door
on the "Live Love Laugh Today Show".  
It's been a great ride having aired now for four TV seasons.
Thank you to everyone for all your support as it means so much!
My wish to you all is to pursue your dreams and make them your reality 
as I will continue to do the same....

Stay tuned!!