Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Spring break is around the corner and you know what that's SWIMSUIT season!
Woohoo!  Uhhh.... hold the golf clap~
Shopping for a bathing suit is a little like dating:  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find The One.  Not to mention the "pre-date rituals" we as women perform to prepare for both.  Shave legs- check. Apply Self tanner to hide imperfections-check.  Watch salt intake the day before to avoid puffiness- check........all that and STILL, unless you happen to look like a Victoria Secrets model, after all that preparation, your critical eye takes over and you come away feeling ....deflated.
Well meet your Matchmaker- Theresa Brunner owner of H20 Swimwear in Dallas.  She takes the stress out of trying on bathing suits with her personalized service, and carries a plethora of swimsuit lines that flatter a variety of body types, many of which you will not find anywhere else in the Metroplex.
After successfully finding bathing suits that makes you feel confident you can concentrate on what's really important.....ENJOYING your vacation!   Just give me some sunshine and I'm golden~       
Theresa Brunner (417) 343-2234   
H20 SWIMWEAR                                                                

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I love to brag about finding Designer DEALS.... saving a little doe, ra, me makes me happy.....and if you ask any savvy fashionista, we all love a great story when it comes to finding the latest coveted item and then scoring it at a fraction of the cost.
Welcome to the world of  A "Membership by Invitation" website with daily "events" that save you up to 50-75% off the retail price on Designer goods.  Upscale brands that you and I shop, that you can find for a very short time frame on Haute Look.  But don't blink, because the events only last a short you need to take advantage while it's haute, haute, HAUTE!
Click their logo to join the site and HAPPY SHOPPING!


Monday, February 20, 2012


Let me start out by saying, when it comes to styling my own hair, my approach is remedial at best.....I am not an "expert" with a curling iron, haven't mastered a blow-dryer using a round brush, and rarely do I get salon quality straight hair using a flat iron even WITH the help of a keratin treatment!!
This new product was made for people like me.   It's called THE TOPSTYLER- IN STYLER~

This has reinvented Hair Curling!  Using your FINGERS to wrap your hair into the curl size you want.  (Two-finger width creates smaller, tighter curls, or Three-finger width for looser curls) you apply the heated ceramic clips for 5 minutes till cool down.  Once unclamping the hair it falls to create beautiful curl with memory! 
The best part for me is that its easy to use and it doesn't damage your hair. 
Even better, when your hair is styled professionally, you can recreate the curls the next morning by a quick touch up using the ceramic clips recurling the fallen hair.
For me personally I was able to re-create my styled locks 2 days in a row-

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Never in my wildest dreams would I actually be requesting people to "Stalk Me", however in the world of  Fashion Blogging this is the latest way to stay in the mix with those savvy enough to be included in this "invitation only" blogger-fest called Currently Obsessed~

Like the title implies, you too can LUST after and become INSPIRED                                  
by all the fab items these top bloggers are "Currently Obsessed" about.....
Check it out!!!....and please Stalk Me :))) 

Friday, February 10, 2012


Savvy fashionistas were abound in droves last night at the VIP party at FIG, earning them early access to up to 75% off retail prices.  Going on till Saturday, this twice annual event is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Dallas Jewelry designer Sarah Briggs were among the many local vendors to sell their wares at this "not to be missed" event.  I scored these amazing earrings at 50% the wholesale price!!!  My friend Heather and fiance Mick also majorly scored leaving with bags and boxes of cool merchandise!!!  LITERALLY!


There's still Saturday!!!  And we left a little for you too :))
Happy Shopping!!                                                                          

Monday, February 6, 2012


Click picture to watch segment!

It's always so much fun to be on Good Morning Texas!  I featured SHOPPING IS MY CARDIO for unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for everyone that you love on today's show~   
To learn more about all the great items I featured, check out the links and information below and Happy Valentine's Day!

Chocolate Secrets is one of my favorite stores in the entire Metroplex, and apparently D Magazine felt the same way when featuring them on this month's February cover!  I love the chocolate heart boxes filled with either raspberry hearts or a special scrolled Love Note!  Very romantic!  Another creative idea were the chocolate lips gift pack in the flavors of Lip Smackers!  Bubble gum, Coca cola, Strawberry and Grape makes me reminisce my love for Lip Smacker lip glosses when I was a kid! 

Speaking of lip gloss, Beauty For Real has come up with something GENIUS!  A lip gloss, light and mirror all in ONE!  This "must-have" beauty item makes for a great BFF gift and gift yourself while you're at it!
Only $22 if you order at and enter "LindaCooper" in the promo code you get an additional 10% off your entire order! 

Red sunglasses are a great way to make your wardrobe pop by adding some extra color for Spring!  My favorite sunglasses featured today were the cat-eye retro Prada's.  Also featured were Marc Jacobs aviators, cool Ray Ban's and a fun multi-colored Dior.  All can be found at Neiman Marcus!!

The Lucky Dog Barkery has the BEST pet accessories in town!!  We can't forget our furry friends this Valentine's Day and there were some super cute options!  Love the water bottle for dogs, the great harness and leash and special doggy treats for V day~

Another fun gift idea that's not just for kids!  The Native Union POP PHONE with a retro handset can be used with your cell phone, your iPad and your computer for Skype!    Great way to talk on the phone, radiation free and very high quality!  Only $29-$39 depending on the style you choose at Nordstroms.

Foot Massage places are cropping up EVERYWHERE, but let's just say that some are nicer than others...
FELAX is beautiful, clean, tranquil, the service itself is awesome and they have a fabulous Couples Massage room!  Check out their Valentine's Day gift certificates for a great Couples gift for V day!  Must call to make appointment- (972) 385-7109

I even found a gift for all you Valentine's Haters!  The "Love Stinks" Bear can be found at Holidaze and Gifts in Plano along with other great gift ideas~
That's all for now.......
Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


FIG is only open to the public for its twice-annual FIG Finale!
1807 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX 75201
Next FIG Finale:  February 9, 10 and 11FIG finale is a spectacular sale during which the area’s top stores
come together at FIG and sell their women’s, men’s  and kid's
clothing, accessories and shoes to the public at up to 75 percent
discount. It is a shopper’s paradise, with numerous great retailers
offering their designer merchandise at unbeatable prices.
VIP Pass - $50
2 Day Pass - $20
Day Pass - $15

February 9th - 6pm to 9pm (VIP Night)
February 10th - 11am to 8pm
February 11th - 11am to 5pm

No strollers or large bags allowed.
For the serious and savvy fashionista, the VIP SHOPPING PACKAGE is the real deal. For $50, VIP’s will enjoy the exclusive EARLY ACCESS SHOPPING party with complimentary cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live dj spun tunes and complimentary valet...a chic party solely dedicated to first dibs shopping! 
Happy Shopping!!
Linda Cooper