Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dorm Room Necessities

It's not my first rodeo when it comes to dorm shopping, however it was a completely different experience when I took my son to buy his dorm necessities.
Two years ago when I shopped with my daughter I had to restrain her from buying the entire Bed Bath & Beyond store but all he cared about was testing out every single mattress pad, down pillow-top cover and feather pillows for his bedding…..after that had been decided he was ready to leave and forget about everything else!
After much prodding,  here are a few favorites that I know he will appreciate- (with me of course twisting his arm. :))


                  Dyson Cool AM06 Blue 10-inch Table Fan 

This unique fan features no blades and no choppy airflow because of a unique patented Air Multiplier. The fan features a circular construction in a vibrant blue and iron finish.  It's cool design is functional and REALLY makes a statement.

                                                                 Twin XL Bedding Online Superstore! 
What separates this website from the pack is the quality and selection in truly extra long bedding. Most other retailers only pretend to carry twin XL size with products that are not XL. The usual red flag for these items will be their size listed as "twin/twin xl". These items are not XL, they are regular twin. All of their products are truly XL (extra long), which saves you time from returning. 
Since our dorm shopping is still very much a work in the progress (baby steps),  I will follow up with more fab finds for boys as we inch closer to move in day.

                          HAPPY SHOPPING!!  HAPPY SHOPPING!!  HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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