Friday, March 20, 2015

A real GEMI

Some of you might be aware I am on the Advisory Board for a new Italian shoe line M. GEMI which is about to launch next week.  It's very exciting because the shoes are so stylish and beautifully made - handcrafted in Florence Italy which coincidentally happens to be where my daughter is for her study abroad program.

                                    See my beautiful complimentary M.Gemi pair pictured here~

ATTN: SHOE LOVERS!!  If you would like to be eligible to win your own gorgeous pair, 
 M.Gemi is giving away 100 pairs when you enter to win at M.GEMI.COM
See below for details and 
Via Livornese, 273 - Firenze-Italia
A few of our first shoes UNVEILED.  We're launching very soon, and we wanted to share a sneak peek of just a few styles from our first edition.
The BaciamiThe FestaThe Poetica
We're giving away 100 pairs of shoes this week and you are already entered to win.  Sign up at (Promotion ends March 23, 2015)
Gorgeous Shoes.Handcrafted in Italy.Perfectly Priced.
M.Gemi Logo
401 Park Drive, Boston, MA
Via Livornese, 273 - Firenze-Italia

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