Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I don't know about you, but I am a HUGE advocate of facial treatments that prolong going under the knife, and for as long as possible... :)))
What if I were to tell you about a treatment for your face with no down time, no side effects, instant results, (are you getting excited).....AND lasts for up to three months!  It's called the SKINTYTE Radio Frequency Tightening Treatment at BLUSH Aesthetics and Skincare.
LeeAnn Hassell is my go-to girl and WOW! does she really make my skin look good.  The treatment for the face and decollete area that I did was amazing and I noticed instant results.   How it works- The infra red wavelength heats the dermal collagen below the surface of the skin causing the skin to tighten and produce new collagen.  I HIGHLY recommend this treatment!  At $250 it's a steal!!
LeeAnn Hassel
(214) 739-5600                                      


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