Monday, March 4, 2013


When it comes to working out that is.....IOBELLA fitness in Santa Monica has developed a body shaping spa exclusively for women that has a futuristic twist.   The workout takes place in a 98 degree exercise Pod which helps maximize fat and calorie burning and speeds up your metabolism due to working out in an environment that matches your body temperature. With the instruction from your personal trainer, this workout is a KILLER and I say that in a good way. :))
Check out my video snippets taken on my camera phone as a demonstration to get a better idea.
Currently the IOBELLA method is only offered in L.A. and Buenos Aires, however owner/founder Roxana Lissa is open to the idea of a franchise -any takers in Dallas??

After your personal workout, relax in IOBELLA's special Oxygen O3 Lounge nourishing your body with "triple oxygen"to improve the skin's hydration, appearance and tone.  It eliminates toxins and improves the appearance of cellulite, not to mention the soothing cucumber chilled eye mask and spa music filled headphones are the perfect way to end your visit feeling renewed and recharged.  

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