Thursday, September 20, 2012


Like most women, when it comes to buying products, one of something is never enough....UH,
can you say "PRODUCT JUNKIE" :))
Take Face Cleansers for instance....
I have one in my shower, one at my bathroom sink, and a special one used for travel.
I like to vary them up too so my skin doesn't get "too complacent". :))  Maybe I'm a product junkie, but my skin doesn't suffer from too many breakouts, a VERY important factor shooting a segment a week for TV.
Here are my favorite Face Cleansers for every "occasion". Click the pictures of each for purchase info~
CLEANSER 27 is the absolute BEST for traveling.  It is not a liquid base, but a balm that turns into an emulsion when in contact with water.  NO MESSY SPILLS in your travel bag!
It leaves your skin soft, supple and luminous.

MATRISKIN FOAMING CLEANSER is a wonderfully foamy concoction in a pump container for easy shower access, that leaves your skin revitalized and clean feeling.

MURAD EXFOLIATING CLEANSER has the "magic three" ingredients for exfoliating- Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids that dissolve dead skin cell buildup.  I use this one once or twice a week.


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