Friday, May 31, 2013

Way Cool

People always ask if I love having a answer is a resounding YES!!!  Even though I started my blog relatively early on in blog world, I regret not starting it even sooner as its given me a national voice that I never could have achieved by just doing local television.                                                                           

Case in point- I was so honored when Elizabeth Street, a global website for stylish Moms with listings across the world such as London, Madrid, Toyko and Hong Kong asked me to be one of selected few Moms for Dallas.  They found me initially from my blog as a Shopping Expert in my locale.  "Way Cool!"  And what a cool site.....Click on "DALLAS" to check it out.:)) 



OCCUPATION: TV Host, producer and writer of Shopping is My Cardio TV
MY STYLE: Trendsetting but timeless—I pride myself on finding that latest must-haves of the season and making them my own.
I LOVE DALLAS BECAUSE: Dallas is such a great place to raise a family—easy and hassle-free. Being from L.A., where getting a few errands done in one day can be a challenge, I truly appreciate the quality lifestyle Dallas provides.

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