Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome to Dallas....

It's a fact that Dallas is the city known for it's "Shopping Nirvana", which of course makes my job so easy. :)) Top retailers from all over the world clamber to get into our market and the latest catnip straight from the UK is AFTERSHOCK LONDON.  Imran Sheikh, U.S. Director for Aftershock London, said; "Great consideration went into selecting the city for our flagship store.  We researched every key location in the U.S. and Dallas had the a large number for unique features that made it an excellent place to launch our brand."  The Plaza at Preston Center was buzzing last night, as I attended their fabulous Grand Opening event celebrating it's launch.

A salivating array of gorgeous formal and casual wear, AFTERSHOCK LONDON has an amazing selection including the eye candied wall of bags, shoes and accessories.  Even better, their inventory constantly changes, so there's a slimmer chance of playing "who wore it best" when attending events on the Dallas circuit.
Of course, I did not leave empty-handed, making the first purchase of the night, inspiring others to hit the "tills". :))


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