Sunday, November 27, 2011


It happened again..... a man patiently waiting till I got off my cell phone to ask me the inevitable question......."Where did you get your phone case?  My girlfriend would REALLY like it"....I nod in agreement... she would!!  My phone case makes me happy....  no, you don't get it...... REALLY happy.  It truly brightens my day to see it glistening in all it's delicious swarovski glory.
Apparently it has the same effect on the many who come in contact with it too.
If I were paid a dollar for every time I get stopped about my bling case, I could eat my weight in Pinkberry.

Since it's the season for Holiday gift ideas, this one is really original~
The source is ICY and let me tell you, my phone case is worth every red cent of the $285 I paid for it. Owner Nikita will customize anything-Skies the Limit!  Check out her website for all the amazing designs. Not to mention the customer service!  You can send your phone in for a face-lift as needed for free, which for me has been AWESOME! 

Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins :)))

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