Monday, February 20, 2012


Let me start out by saying, when it comes to styling my own hair, my approach is remedial at best.....I am not an "expert" with a curling iron, haven't mastered a blow-dryer using a round brush, and rarely do I get salon quality straight hair using a flat iron even WITH the help of a keratin treatment!!
This new product was made for people like me.   It's called THE TOPSTYLER- IN STYLER~

This has reinvented Hair Curling!  Using your FINGERS to wrap your hair into the curl size you want.  (Two-finger width creates smaller, tighter curls, or Three-finger width for looser curls) you apply the heated ceramic clips for 5 minutes till cool down.  Once unclamping the hair it falls to create beautiful curl with memory! 
The best part for me is that its easy to use and it doesn't damage your hair. 
Even better, when your hair is styled professionally, you can recreate the curls the next morning by a quick touch up using the ceramic clips recurling the fallen hair.
For me personally I was able to re-create my styled locks 2 days in a row-

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