Monday, July 30, 2012


I've got a confession to make....Shopping is NOT the only Cardio I do.  In fact, my all time favorite workout is Jumping Rope.  Not just your average run-of-the-mill rope skipping, but choreographing dance and aerobics with a Jump Rope. Yup, a Jump Roping Bad Ass :))  It's the best cardio ever, working every major muscle group simultaneously, and to me, it never gets old.  I've been at it for my entire adult life, used to teach, and hope to be going strong in my golden years.  It is my passion and doesn't feel like a work-out because I enjoy it so much. 
Recently I gave a pep talk to someone very close to me about finding their passion, doing whatever makes them the happiest in every aspect of their life, which inspired me to post this video.                                                                                                             

Jump rope~"rope dancing" choreographed routine by Linda Cooper

Choreographed dance routine with a jump rope called "rope dancing"
by lc247star  3 years ago  12,071

                                                      ENJOY :)        

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