Sunday, August 5, 2012


With the buzz increasing to a deafening roar around argan oil, I decided to check it out myself~
Argan oil and it's natural benefits for skin, body and hair care has been around for centuries.  Only found in Morocco, made from the nuts of the argan tree, the oil is high in Vitamin E and A and is touted as a major anti-aging beauty ingredient.  Besides wrinkles it benefits acne, psoriasis, eczema and hair growth and nourishment.  The owner of the haircare brand Moroccan Oil- started her company after receiving a hair treatment in Israel and wanted to market it here in the U.S.-
it's main ingredient- ARGAN OIL.
With so many companies using argan oil in the product line which one do you choose?
BABOR SKINOVAGE has created ARGAN NOURISHING CREAM that I use as a night cream, keeping my skin super hydrated.  The entire BABOR line is worth trying, but this one really impressed me.
BEAUTY SAGE a wonderful website that sells natural beauty and wellness products, AND stands behind each and every product on their site, has a slew of argan oil based products.  This MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL by SHEATERRA is 100% Pure Argan Oil, certified organic and can be used for hair, face and body.  It's a steal at only $24.00.
Another fact worth noting......
For thousands of years the production of argan oil was predominately controlled by the Berber women in this region.  The production and sale of this particular argan oil is still controlled by a women's cooperative in Morocco who still produce the oil by hand.

                                                            HAPPY SHOPPING!

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