Friday, November 30, 2012


Tomorrow marks the much anticipated, unprecedented Neiman Marcus/ Target collaboration~
I posted first when the genius marketing campaign was first announced back in July and in October when they first released the  Holiday Collection of over 50 designer items to be sold simultaneously at both retailers~
So here's the scoop for tomorrow...and don't even bother to call your Neiman Marcus personal shopper to get your loot.  I already tried and it won't work :))
Neiman Marcus is hiring outside help to man the mayhem with regular employees ringing up purchases.  The stores open at 8am but get their early to receive your wrist band to mark your spot in line!
Location, location, your Neiman Marcus store that you plan to shop at for the location of the goods.  That way you  won't be searching aimlessly throughout the store.  Just beeline and go!
I happen to know that all 50 items will be located in the same shopping area.  WillowBend NM is setting up in the Men's department, lower level.
So there's the skinny.  Perhaps choosing a not so well known Target might be the answer, or shop online and hope it doesn't crash like the last collaboration Target did with Missoni :)


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