Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cool Gadgets for Summer

Always on the lookout for cool gadgets for the home that are easy, healthy and fun to use- here are two favorites that my family loves that scream SUMMER~

                                                                   SODA STREAM

Make soda from water in seconds with this innovative, award winning product- available at Bed Bath and Beyond-with starter kit variety soda pack. I love the plain soda water! Retail: $89
Watch video link by clicking picture and see how easy SodaStream works~


How about a healthy alternative to ice cream??  This product made quite the fun DIY dessert at my last dinner party- guests could make their own sorbet right on the spot with their own selections of frozen fruit- it was quite the hit! 
Also available at Bed Bath & Beyond- Retail: $49.99
Watch video link by clicking above picture and see how easy Yonanas! works~


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