Monday, March 27, 2017

Style AND Comfort....this is not an oxymoron!

Finding stylish and comfortable shoes have always been a challenge, but how about adding quiet to the list?? Finding high heeled shoes that don't make that clickety-clack sound at every step?

Ssh-oes Founder, Mary Arnett has come up with the answer with her revolutionary 
Shh-oes design that adds a shock-absorber like heel tip, ample padding and special blister-free Lycra with leather lining to every one of her fashionable shoes.
Hurray!! Adorable shoes and you've gotta love a great female entrepreneur story .....

Definitely worth checking out!  
Ssh-oes mission is to provide women stylish, comfortable and quiet heels to look and feel great and be seen for your fabulous presence.
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