Thursday, December 1, 2011


For most of us, the month of December marks the onslaught of a social calendar filled with Holiday Parties.
Unless you don't mind packing on a few pounds, clearly a plan of action is a must to NOT gain weight this Holiday Season~  With all the caviar blini's, pigs in the blanket, baked brie and eggnog consumed, the answer is SIMPLE~  Calories Consumed= Calories to Burn Off, and I found the PERFECT solution to burn mine......


CARDIO HIP HOP AT REVELATION DANCE STUDIO.  Owner Fenton Fulgham, renowned Hip Hop Dancer/Choreographer will help you dance away the calories too!  All dance levels are welcome and the idea is if you like to dance, come join the party.  This adult class is offered Tuesday/Thursday mornings 9:00-10:00 and he's open to making a Friday morning class happen too if needed.
I've been a regular since he opened 5 years ago, but have definitely stepped it up with the Holiday parties fast approaching. 

And did I mention the music in class??  DJ PLove mixes music ON SITE, so there is no excuse that you can't get into it!
Who knows? just might want to make this part of your New Year's Resolution as well :)))

CLICK Fenton's picture for website info~

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