Sunday, December 4, 2011


At a party last night I decided to take my new find out for a spin.  I thought is was a pretty amazing concept, and the whiplash reaction I got from every women at my table confirmed it........
BEAUTY FOR REAL has made the perfect night time accessory......your one MUST HAVE, go-to item in your purse when you step out on the town-

Yup!  A lip gloss, mirror and light all in ONE!  And... they come in great colors, have a lip plumper that doesn't bother me, and leaves a beautiful lip stain after the gloss wears off for everlasting color!  My lips were still slightly stained when I woke up this morning- This is one great find!
Miami based Make up Artist and Founder, Leslie Munsell, has hit gold~
Even the man sitting next to me last night, after all the women had a chance to admire, declared it genius and stated I know a great product when I see one.

Currently in Dallas, you can only find her whole BEAUTY FOR REAL line at Stanley Korshak or online.
Click the logo for website orders~
Happy Shopping!


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