Saturday, March 24, 2012


No is NOT an least not when it comes to acquiring my latest fashion obsession- This week's MUST HAVE on my hit list- The Neon Yellow accented Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses~
My expert shopping prowess was put to the test yesterday when in search of my coveted item....not to be found at the Michael Kors store but only at Nordstroms. After contacting the Nordstrom sunglass counter, all surrounding stores in my area were sold out, but one, with only one pair in their inventory, yet nowhere to be found.  The salesperson assumed that they were on a mannequin display within the store, but didn't have time to search.  Not a problem I tell her, hopping into my car......I'll do it myself :)))
After spending 20 minutes eyeballing every mannequin display on all three levels of the store......Ta Daaaaa!
I scored.......but did you ever doubt me with my take no prisoners approach :))
                                 CHECK OUT ALL THE FUN COLORS THEY COME IN..

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