Monday, March 31, 2014

The Art of Tweezing

There's a plucky new sheriff in town changing the way you tweeze..  Her name is Anastasia......:)
 All joking aside- 
This new EyeBrow Kit by Anastasia has EVERYTHING you need to shape your brows with the precision of a professional.

Why it's great: All the basics in one place, available in five shades to accommodate any hair color at an amazing price.
Perfect eyebrows made oh-so-easy, indispensable five-piece kit provides all the tools you need to shape effortlessly beautiful brows. Includes five brow stencils (to accommodate differences in bone structure and hair growth), tweezers, blendable brow powder for the most natural brow color, an angled duo brush for clean application and brow gel to maintain the shape all day.
It's a no brainer- and my favorite part?  The stencils will keep you tweezing within the lines to keep your fabulous brow shape over time.  


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