Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hats Off!

        You could say I am definitely a hat   person.  Hats are a form of expression.... They make an average outfit go from drab to fab and provide the hat wearer instant edge and personality.  Any opportunity to wear a hat I take it so when I discovered Tenth Street Hats website I fell in love.

                                                                      Tenth Street has managed to curate a hat for every occasion on the site which is great for me and my many wardrobe changes on my Travel show.  These fabulous selections showcased will be packed on our upcoming shoot featuring The Maldives.  Each says something a little different..
The Blue Fontainebleau at just $89 screams beach safari.  
And the Tijeras hat at just $30 with its colorful tassels has a "daytime outing" feel.

Whatever your mood and style you can find 
the perfect hat style on this cool website.
Also, every hat on the site has been hand picked to maintain the highest quality and  best fit.  In fact, many of the selections have drawstring closures like this Raychel Hat to guarantee the best fit for each individual. I'm such a fan -Tenth Street Hats is my go to resource for all the hats worn on my TV show 'Travel Time with Linda'!

Check out this video on the Tenth Street's craftsmanship sourced from the highest quality materials from around the globe and brought together by some of the industry’s foremost experts. 
Don't know a boater from a boonie?
A fedora from a flat cap?
Check out their hat glossary on all the many styles and see what 'floats your boat':.-)


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