Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Curator of Cool Celebrates 40 years of Greatness

 On my recent visit back to my hometown, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with "the curator of cool," Ron Robinson at LA's shopping landmark Fred Segal on Melrose Ave.  Inside his namesake store Apothia by Ron Robinson he shared with me a few of his latest finds and a few secrets to his success as this year marks the 40th anniversary of this iconic store. 

       For those of you unfamiliar,  Fred Segal’s was and still is the Shit..... it was my mainstay  growing up in LA... Red, White and blue BABY!! 
I  hung out at the Melrose location literally every weekend growing up so of course 
I had to share with him a few select memories.
 Casual lunches at Mauro’s café for “see and be seen bites” catching up with friends, chatting with newcomers such as Usher and yes...after lunch followed by many, many shopping jaunts.  So, so, so many great shopping moments they all blur together, 
but one in particular stands out for me....
I was trying on clothes in the dressing room when in the next stall an insecure Uma Thurman who had her Nanny and her newborn with her asked me the proverbial, “Does my butt look big and I answered “No you don’t look fat in those jeans”.:-). She ended up getting not only the jeans but scored armloads of new wardrobe for her newly matured body. 

Known as a launching platform for brands for decades, if a product line scores 
a coveted place inside the store they know they've arrived. 
While shopping the store with Ron, I noticed that many of the same faces 
shopped with 20 years ago are still a part of his dedicated team.

Coming soon just in time to launch before Ron Robinson's 
40th anniversary celebrationNovember 15th.  
This device is fabulous to throw in your purse
for instant hydration and there is also a bronzer available from the line!

Another favorite find of Ron's is this ingenious 

The Lyric Speaker is the next generation listening device that is about to change the way you experience your favorite music. Start playing your favorite music, and this device automatically generates beautiful lyric visuals on its transparent screen
Trust me....this is so cool, and of course so is he~

And MY TOP PICK from Ron's latest in store curations~ 

Designed for Modern Travel I fell in love with G-Ro's sleek design and "GravityRoll" Wheel Technology that's smoother than any other small-wheeled luggage brand, and that says a lot because I'm a Travel Host!! 
Not only is its maneuverability incredible, so is its craftsmanship, performance and style.  Designed for functionality this G-RO Carry On pictured above offers charging while on the go with completely separate removable components and great storage space for all my shoes. :-)  
Also available in sleek backpacks and Check-In luggage that you can choose your matching wheels, this brand was a MUST HAVE for Travel.  I was OBSESSED and I knew I had to incorporate it on my Travel Show.....so guess what?! 

Congratulations Ron on your 40th anniversary of greatness!  To find any of these products go to RONROBINSON.COM and


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