Monday, June 10, 2019

My Secret Weapon to a Make-Up Free, Skin Quenching Glow.....

My MVP is OrangeDaily🍊
Seriously, it's my skin's new Secret Weapon!!
I recently discovered this incredible, topical Vitamin C skincare line 
OrangeDaily and I am completely blown away by the results~

My skin looks ENERGIZED!! It's noticeably brighter and more refreshed with a healthy luminosity glow
and the best part is I feel confident going make-up free because 
my skin tone is much more even! 
Trust me, I would never publicly go without make-up
up until now.....

This pic was just taken over Memorial Day Weekend with my daughter Teal.🧡
Yup,  the proof is in the pudding...:-)

Here's a breakdown of what a daily dose of Vitamin C can do for your skin!

🔆brightens -dark spots begone.....Dark spots are no match for Vitamin C. Over time, intrinsic (natural) and extrinsic (environmental) factors cause structural changes in the skin, leading to uneven pigmentation. From UV-induced "age spots" to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it stops the biochemical reactions that cause uneven pigmentation to effectively brighten skin and even skin tones.
firms- reduces fine lines & wrinkles.....Vitamin C boosts production of collagen that keep skin looking firm, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
🛡defends- your skin's natural defense system.....Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that naturally protects against UVA/UVB radiation and helps counteract the effects of oxidative stress and free radicals by neutralizing damaging molecules. 
And FYI.....

Our Bodies do NOT naturally produce Vitamin C which is all the more reason to add OrangeDaily to your daily skincare routine for a powerful one-two punch.:-)  And another's the highest quality and most affordable topical  Vitamin C skin care system on the market. You need to  see the results for yourself.  

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happy shopping!!🍊

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