Sunday, January 8, 2012


One of my FAVORITE FINDS (and often a treatment I partake in before stepping in front of HD cameras) is The Dermal Quench Treatment by Kate Somerville.  I am a huge fan of Kate's skin care products but this treatment is truly AMAZING!  Think of it as your daily water supply going straight to your face!  Hydration, baby! In fact, before red-carpet events, tons of celebrities get this exact same treatment at her beautiful spa in Los Angeles. 

Kate Somerville Spa in Los Angeles
 And the best part?'s a complimentary service offered at Neiman Marcus stores at the Kate Somerville counter! Yes, you must book your appointment in advance (preferably the day of the event) for the full effect.  The same treatment at the Kate Somerville Spa in L.A. is $260! 
It's a combination of oxygen, vitamins and hyaluronic acid blown into your face via machine that plumps, hydrates and gives age defying results.  Seriously!

I love the entire line but listed are my absolute favorites! - The Quench Face Serum,
The Cytocell which I've been using religiously now for two months.  It turns your skins cells over quickly and improves skin tone. I swear my skin has never looked better!                                                                                 

And last but definitely not least a 2x a week treatment to get rid of deadcells - ExfoliKate.
At the very least, definitely check out the Dermal Quench treatment at NM and learn about the line first hand.  I wouldn't steer you wrong :)))
Happy Shopping!
Linda Cooper                                                                                        

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