Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dallas Maverick Shawn Marion's Thursday night blowout party to salute his new teammates (plus quasi-teammate Khloe Kardashian ) has been postponed. Marion had planned to welcome Lamar Odom and his wife, Khloe, as well as Vince Carter and Delonte West, to his 12,600-square-foot mansion, located a long three-point shot away from Dirk Nowitzki's Strait Lane estate.
But finding an off night for several
NBA millionaires and one Search Engine Optimized reality TV star has been a scheduling headache. The party is tentatively scheduled for next week, instead.
Simmie Cooper and his firm, Cooper Homes, built the massive Marion home. He and his wife, Linda, will co-host the gathering. Bells and whistles on the big Marion pad include a theater, a ballet/exercise room, a large mosaic pool and a visible wine room of today (Wednesday), the party is officially canceled.  DALLAS MORNING NEWS were contacted last night as were other media to inform them "In an attempt to reschedule the Welcome reception, regretfully, the event must be canceled."  Permanent scheduling conflicts.......
So disappointing especially knowing all the hard work that went into making it happen in the first place.
We have chosen to take the high road with no finger pointing, just a sincere apology to anyone we involved in the event as a sponsor or vendor. 
As I'm writing this I feel a sense of calm now, after riding the storm both literally and figuratively here in Dallas this past 24 hours.  As I tweeted yesterday.........Stop the ride, I want to get off~
We did.

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