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My husband is a home builder.  Not just any kind of home builder, Simmie Cooper of Cooper Homes has been touted as the "Home Builder to the Stars" by Real Estate blogger Candy Evans of Candy's Dirt.  To clarify though, Dallas has few celebrities so our "Stars" are our famous athletes from the Mavs, the Cowboys, the Rangers and the Stars.  He also builds for some of the most elite in Dallas.... Type AAA+ personalities, and for the most part, so successful in their own field, they too are considered "Stars" in their social circles.
Mavericks star Shawn Marion lives in a Cooper Home, so when Lamar Odom got traded to the Mavs and moved to Dallas with wife Khloe Kardashian,  it made perfect sense to host a party in their honor, and also honor the other new players Vince Carter and Delonte West.

A little back story.......I actually met Khloe K. last year and spoke with her for at least 20 minutes while we were both waiting on a flight to Burbank from DFW (American has now cancelled all those flights, making it much more of a hassle for us Angelino's turned Texan to make a visit back to L.A.)  She was absolutely LOVELY and exactly the same person you see on TV, because of that I felt like I already knew her and we talked about everything from how horrible Scott was on the show (he really isn't edited to look bad, that's just him) to how excited she was for her new hubby Lamar being in the Lakers playoffs.
Hosting a Texas-Size Welcome for them was the perfect idea, (if I do say so myself  )and Shawn Marion graciously agreed to host with us and have the event at his beautiful home~

Shawn Marion's beautiful home built by Cooper Homes
Whether it's on TV or for a great party, Hosting is truly my calling, and I really wish we could have invited all of Dallas/Ft. Worth to attend! TRULY! I'm so excited about all we have's a little insider's scoop before the national media gets to cover the actual event!~
To honor Khloe and Lamar and make them feel truly welcome we wanted to make sure the menu would be something they actually liked. Chef Samir Dhurandhar of Nick & Sam's will be serving an assortment of culinary treats inspired by Khloe and Lamar's actual wedding reception menu.
Dee Lincoln's Restaurant & Bubble Bar has a fabulous array of drinks planned such as a champagne cocktail with floating gardenia petals and "The Cooper-Tini".
For the dessert, I have featured Chocolate Secrets on my show "Shopping is my Cardio" multiple times and asked owner Pam Eudaric Amiri with In-House Chocolatier, Kate Weiser to put together something fabulous! Trust me they will NOT dissappoint!

Let's not forget the Hostess Bags!!!  Since Shopping IS my Cardio- some of my absolute favorite finds will be found in our Cooper Homes take home totes!
Thank you SO much to Kate Somerville, Beauty For Real Lipglosses and Neiman Marcus for all the wonderful gift items provided!
Also planned....I organized a special Welcome Gift Basket for Mrs. Odom filled with Neiman Marcus goodies compliments of the NM Downtown Flagship store. :)))
That's all the scoop for now!
Linda Cooper


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