Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day!!  For all you hopeless romantics this one's for you~  I had to wait to post this on the day when romance is celebrated nationwide because it might be a little too sickening sweet for some of you to take on any ol' day........Introducing:  TWITTENS!
Twitten Mittens The world's first Two Handed Mitten!
Two hands fit into one Twitten Mitten. A great way to hold hands with your sweetheart and stay warm! 

                             Yes,  LOVE the unique fun concept, and these adorable Twittens make a statement   for Valentines Day~  The tricky part?!?....Try getting my husband of 23 years to give them a trial run :)

          happy valentines day!!  happy shopping!!  happy valentines day!!  happy shopping!!

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