Friday, February 1, 2013


You could say I'm a lip gloss connoisseur ~
Lip Gloss:  My lips feel naked without it, so therefore I simply cannot live without it.
Requirements: Long lasting, Bright hues, Glossy but not sticky, and the wand applicator needs
"feel good" when gliding it across my lips.  Packaging is important too.
I have my loyal favorites but a new contender has made my husband happy.
Yes, that's HUSBAND.  The man I kiss on a daily basis is very happy with my latest find~
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  • prd_color_1192
  • prd_color_1184
  • prd_color_1198
  • prd_color_1100
  • prd_color_1050
  • prd_color_1120
  • prd_color_1320
  • prd_color_1189
  • prd_color_1193
  • prd_color_1361
  • prd_color_1172
  • prd_color_1371
  • prd_color_1805
  • prd_color_1188
  • prd_color_1180
  • prd_color_1220
  • prd_color_1195
  • prd_color_1060
  • prd_color_1030
  • prd_color_1070
  • prd_color_1815
  • prd_color_1040
  • prd_color_1200
  • prd_color_8010
  • prd_color_1201
  • prd_color_1197
  • prd_color_1170
  • prd_color_1165
  • prd_color_1825
  • prd_color_1160
  • prd_color_1182
  • prd_color_1150
  • prd_color_1196
  • prd_color_1010
  • prd_color_1140
  • prd_color_1221
  • prd_color_1186
  • prd_color_1190
  • prd_color_1800
  • prd_color_1330
  • prd_color_1090
  • prd_color_1364
  • prd_color_1362
  • prd_color_1367
  • prd_color_1110
  • prd_color_1175
  • prd_color_1810
  • prd_color_1185
  • prd_color_1130
  • prd_color_1080
  • prd_color_1020
  • prd_color_1820
  • prd_color_1173
  • prd_color_1369
  • prd_color_1187
  • prd_color_1227
  • prd_color_1882
  • prd_color_1888
  • prd_color_1862
  • prd_color_1870

    LIPSENSE- A long lasting liquid lip color, similar to a lip stain that is KISS PROOF.
    Lipsense is actually not just smooch proof, its smudge proof and budge proof.  With over 50 shades to choose from, I have personally witnessed long lasting lip color for over 6 hours! reapplying for HOURS. Not to mention no telltale lip gloss marks on drinking glasses, coffee mugs, and husbands :))
    Directions when applying:  Use 3 layers for long lasting results, letting each layer dry for about 5 seconds between each layer.  Top with the LipSense Clear Gloss which moisturizes, and prolongs the color longevity.   Finally if you make a mistake, no worries!  The Oops! Remover erases mistakes with a simple swipe and is also used to remove your LipSense at the end of the day.

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